Sunday, June 28, 2020

Don't wait for Updates

Let's stop wait for updates of our education system. Let's do it ourselves. Let's update ourself, and our education system will get updated automatically . 

•What do i mean by updating ourselves? 
Well, i mean upgrading ourself. Upgrading skills, thoughts, mindset, practical knowledge along with theoritical knowledge and much more. Let's update our version from 20th to 21st century to accelerate the growth rate of economy by 4 times. 

Let's not wait for an opportunity, let's create one. Let us focus  on ourself instead of others. 

Instead of blaming our education system we should blame ourself. Do we utilize our time properly? Do we invest time on ourself? Do we use internet effectively? Do we use e-learning platform more than social media? 
Well, the answer to all of these questions is a definite NO. We do not use them effectively. 

In the era of internet, where everything is available on click, it is easy to learn new skill through various online platforms. Even it is easy to change our mindset directly by listening to great personalities. One of the biggest advantage of this online platforms is that we can learn from mistakes and experiences of many great personalities directly from them. As we all know experince is the best teacher, so we are getting to know something incredible at free of cost directly from the original sources. 

Let's make our skills, thoughts, mindset and knowledge as strength instead of making degree as a streangh. Let's update ourself to newest version of ourselves to garb the opportunity. These are some steps towards sucess. 

So let's start updating ourself. All the above mentioned informations will not only help you to get your dream job but also, if followed properly, will open lot of opportunities for you to be a sucessful entrepreneur. This quality will not only help you but will also help our government to earn money, and also to resolve many problem such as the problem of unemployment, slow economy growth and much more. 

Keep updating, keep growing. Your single effort to get update will leave positive impact on the whole country. Here it is how :-

Once You update, your surrounding will start updating. 
 As your surrounding updates, your city will start updating. 
And if your city updates, eventually your country will start updating. 

Thanking You
:- By Arihant Jain


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